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You can save $20,000 to $150,000 of lost income by utilizing these strategies and cutting months off your job search.

You will learn new strategies for increasing your career happiness, your value in the job market, and your long-term career security.


Atlanta's Richard Kirby is a Board Certified Coach (career specialty) and Certified Management Consultant (CMC). During his corporate career he successfully transitioned professions from engineering to HR to marketing to sales ... and always increased his income.  For the last 11+ years he has provided confidential career consultations to executives and professionals seeking more income and/or satisfaction from their careers.  
He can be reached at
rkirby@executive-impact.com or 678-547-0072.

Feel stuck in your current job? Want more opportunity, income, or enjoyment? This book will help.  

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    Book review in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution ...

    ".....comprehensive road map to current job search processes in a book that is a relatively quick to read. ... As a bonus, he supplies more than 100 Web addresses leading to career assessments, industry insights, job boards and other resources of use to job seekers....."

What others are saying about this book .....

"... will allow you to identify your career passions and become adept at finding your next job. I recommend everyone serious about thei career read this book and apply these principles." John Kador, author of 301 Best Questions to Ask on Your Interview

"... provides up-to-the-minute, practical advice that job seekers need to succeed in today's turbulent employment market.... highly recommend his book to everyone who wants to find a great job faster ..." Keith R. Wyche, President of Cub Foods and author of Good Is Not Enough

    And a review from Amazon.com ....

    "I have read many great job search and career books, but "Fast Track Your Job Search (AND CAREER!)" by Richard C. Kirby is a must read for anyone who is job hunting and in need of a great reference guide re what you need to do in today's job market." D. Lemieux, Atlanta

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      Find more enjoyable career options

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      Communicate effectively with recruiters

      Become an outstanding, professional career networker

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